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Face Painting! 

So, Ron is also known as POLKA DOT!, but during Christmas, he's also ELVIS THE ELF! Songs of the season and winter holiday comedy are always in his stocking, and he can fit into any event! He can bring his own Santa (a professional entertainer) or work with your own! 

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With his 20 years of experience

in the family entertainment

business, folks call on Ron not

only to perform, but to help

bring events to fruition!

Other Stuff:

Ron has directed all of his

performance promotional

videos, and many for other artists!

A show created by request of librarians! Ron is partly in school teacher mode here, but most definitely in wacky fun mode! In this show that carries a theme of "reading rules!," Polka Dot Ron meets Dr. Suess in an over-the-top, interactive, live-read comedy show that cracks kids up!


There is not another kids' and family music concert show like it ... again, there is no other show like it! There's music, interactive comedy skits, costumed characters from the songs, confetti and other special effects! Original Ron Albanese -  POLKA DOT! songs (read as: 100% KIDDIE ROCK 'N' ROLL!™) are performed, as well as kooky covers of surf and classic rock, and more. People of ALL ages love this show, and ... there is not another show like it! Everyone who sees it is like, "wow!" (Click pic for video!)

A popular option! Together or separate, all three of these performance modes can be best described as "ring leader"! First, Ron is not a typical D.J. by any stretch - remember, he's a musician, professional broadcaster, and a seasoned entertainer ... the host with the most! In emcee mode, Ron adds a voice to your event, and gets your message across in entertaining fashion. As host, Ron gets the attention of the crowd (improv or scripted, specifically for a topic) and keeps things moving.Click here for video!

The show that started it all! Ron has done over 1,000 birthday party shows, and LOVES entertaining kids at birthday parties, and toddler events are a specialty! Performances are a custom mix of comedy, music, even balloons, and always plenty of crowd-involving improv! The BLAST! is best for children ages 2-7, but special shows are available for older kids!

Also: have an idea for your event? Let Ron know - he loves to customize!

Family Entertainment Personality


Ron (POLKA DOT!) can get - 

and keep - attention on your

business, product, and/or cause!



Shows and Services - Your Catalog to Kiddie Entertainment Coolness!

Voiceover • Voice Tracking

Ron Albanese - POLKA DOT'S Birthday Party Blast!

A common question Ron gets asked is, "do you do voice work?"

The answer is YES - and his daughter Sofia does, too! For more,

check out

Ron Albanese and the POLKA DOT PALS Band Concert Show! 



Holiday Entertainment - ELVIS THE ELF! And, Santa, too!

Ron Albanese's Read-and-Laugh Across America Show!



Ron Albanese's Solo, Super-Silly Sing-and-Laugh Along Show!

​​​​The official web site of acclaimed children's and family entertainment personality, Ron Albanese (POLKA DOT!)



So many syllables, such a fun show! This show is a BIG hit - Ron performs songs along with "Mr. Guitar," and there are interactive comedy skits 'n' bits in between - there are always things for kids to sing, and dances to do! This mix of music and comedic storytelling is especially a big hit in libraries. Related Performance: Ron's Walk-a-Bout, Laugh-a-Lot!

Elvis the Elf Demo!







Ron Albanese Concert Promo!

Additional Performers



It's a comedic "competition," where children compete in kooky

events! This show works well with big groups of children -

like summer camps!



D.J., Emcee, Event Host


Ron's wife Toni is a face painter! Not only is she known

for her designs that kids love,

she is also noted for her

professionalism and kindness with children - they love her!



Professional entertainers of

all kinds!